Peerless Dryer Vent Brush

Peerless Dryer Vent Brush

Remove the lint deeper in your dryer’s duct work with the Peerless Dryer Vent Brush. This easy-to-use 10′ dryer bristle head snaking tool can be used to achieve a full reach into your dryer duct vent. Keeping your machine clean and free from lint can prevent fires, maximize efficiency and extend the life of your laundry unit. This dryer cleaning brush is specially designed for maximum efficiency. It is recommended to be used as part of your routine laundry machine maintenance.Cleans lint from dryer duct vent
Length: 10′
Easy-to-use dryer vent cleaning brush
Will keep your machine clean and free from lint
Regular lint removal maintenance is advised for a safer, more efficient, longer-lasting device

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