eMAM – Digital Assets Made Easy

eMAM – Digital Assets Made Easy

Organization: Organize all your assets into multi-level projects and categories. Keep folder structures for P2, S x S, and XDCAM content.
Search: Perform federated search through all online storage locations and content on the shelf, with web-based proxy previews.
Media Asset Management: From the intuitive eMAM interface, you can move content to different internal and external locations and archive with transcoding as needed. HSM connectors with SGL, XenData, QStar archive management systems.
Collaboration: Share comments, mark up individual frames, and subclip from anywhere.
Review/Approval: Send proxy copies anywhere quickly for instant feedback from any computer, tablet, or smart phone.
Marketing: Publish a branded mixed media message/campaign by email.
Delivery: Send to multiple destinations or platforms over standard internet, using Aspera, Signiant, CDN, Microsoft Azure, or Amazon S3.

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