How to Unblock Everything on the Internet (Hindi) (Hindi Edition)

How to Unblock Everything on the Internet (Hindi) (Hindi Edition)

“If you are studying in a college, working for a company or travelling to a country that has blocked access to everything cool & fun on the Internet (like Facebook, YouTube, Chat and others), making your life miserably boring, this book is sure to come to your rescue! Written in an easy-to-understand manner that just about everybody can understand, this book will teach you simple things you can do to unblock access to everything on the Internet including: ? Social Networking Sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc) ? Video Streaming Sites (YouTube, Metacafe, etc) ? Cricket Scores ? Chat Software ? Stock Trading Websites ? Career Websites ? USB Ports ? Download & Speed Limits And just about everything else! Who should read this book? ? College Students ? Office Goers ? Travellers to countries where websites are blocked (China, UAE, Saudi Arabia and others) ? Anybody else who wants to unblock stuff on the Internet ”

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