Could Google carry the BlackBerry torch?

Could Google carry the BlackBerry torch?

Let me just clear something up right off the bat here: No, you haven’t entered some weird sort of virtual time warp. And no, this isn’t a mislabeled column from the early 2000s.

This is a genuine, current statement: The era of the BlackBerry phone has ended. Yes, again.

In case you hadn’t heard (and it’d be an easy story to have missed — or to have assumed was errantly being resurfaced from the past), the company responsible for making BlackBerry phones has announced it is stepping away from the effort and will create no more devices with that iconic name attached.

Now, the story isn’t quite what it seems on the surface. The company in question isn’t actually BlackBerry itself. Nope — that company, the entity once known as Research in Motion, hasn’t been making hardware since 2016.

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