The best Google Chrome extensions for business pros

The best Google Chrome extensions for business pros

Google’s Chrome browser rocks. It’s reliable, efficient and nicely cross-platform. Chrome is the most-used browser in the U.S. by far, with 66.9% market share as of January 2020, compared to 13.6% for the second-place Edge/Internet Explorer combo from Microsoft, according to metrics vendor Net Applications.

Chrome offers a wealth of extensions as well, with more than 188,000 available as of August 2019, according to Extension Monitor. (And here’s an interesting twist: Microsoft’s newly revamped Edge browser can also run Chrome extensions.) The following is a sampling of 20 business-friendly Chrome extensions in multiple categories that received at least 4 or 5 stars from users, including tools that make Gmail smarter, web browsing safer, and saving web content easier.

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